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Washington FSBO On The MLS Listing Service

Here is a collection of Washington Flat Fee MLS frequently asked questions that I have put together to help you in listing a home. If you have any other questions, not listed here, feel free to call or send an e-mail.

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Are There Differences In Washington Flat Fee MLS Listing Services?


How many photos may I submit?

We offer 25 Max MLS & 25 Realtor.com Photos with our $199 Package.
For more information about The MLS please call us at 800-699-4480.
12 Month Listing Packages Also Available. Please Call Us For A Quote.

What To Expect After I Pay For My Washington Flat Fee MLS Listing?

After you sign-up and pay for your MLS Listing your broker’s office prepares your Washington Flat Fee MLS Listing paperwork then emails it over to you. Sometimes you will receive the MLS listing docs within 5 minutes, and sometimes it can take a bit longer if the broker is preparing docs for other happy Washington For Sale By Owner customers.
(unfortunately on Sunday’s MLS Docs are not prepared)

It is truly a simple process!
#1 sign-up and place your order.
#2 hang tight for your MLS documents.
#3 complete the documents and email in your photos to your broker.

Please Contact Us with any other questions, we love to chat: 800-699-4480

Happy Selling ?

Can I Cancel My Order?

Yes, as long as your property has not already been listed on the MLS you may cancel your order at anytime by simply (CALLING) customer service at 800-699-4480.

Are There Buyer's Agent Commissions?

Yes. If an agent brings a buyer, you only pay the buyer’s agent a commission if you accept the offer. You decide how much commission to offer as part of the MLS listing process. The commission you’re willing to pay is stated on the MLS listing. It is not negotiated on an agent by agent basis. We recommend offering a commission between 2 – 3% since your listing will be competing with others for agent’s attention.

How does the MLS help sell my property?

Listing a property on The MLS notifies all agents that your property is for sale. Over 80% of buyers are represented by agents’ you must connect with them to get the maximum number of offers. The best way to connect with 80% of potential buyers is by listing on The MLS.

The fact is that most seller’s agents do not look for buyers; they simply list a property on The MLS and then speak with buyer’s agents who find the property listed there. You can do the exact same thing and not owe a seller’s agent 3% of your sale price saving you thousands in commission! Please Call 800-699-4480 if you have more questions. We are happy to explain the process step by step.

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